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Gustavus Human Resources: Lower Back Pain Solutions

  Lower back pain is a serious issue for many. While yoga, stretches and exercise can help strengthen your lower back, a new study suggests adding physical therapy into your first line of defense. Click here to read more about the efficacy, reduction in opioid prescriptions and substantial long-term cost savings to physical therapy at […]

Gustavus Human Resources Blog: How to Cope with Social Media Anxiety

Dr. on Demand is both a cost-effective and an efficient telemedicine option for us. In addition, Dr. on Demand provides a regular content filled with tips and insightful information about healthy living lifestyles. Here is a link to their blog. The recent newsletter includes an article about dealing with Social Media Anxiety – a topic relevant […]

Gustavus Human Resources: Physical Activity

Physical Activity – anytime, anywhere! Through just 20-30 minutes of physical activity every day YOU can… Tone muscles Improve posture Boost metabolism Reduce depression Burn calories Beat stress Sometimes it can be difficult, within your busy schedule to fit in a trip to the gym, but keep in mind the gym isn’t the only place […]

Gustavus Human Resources Blog: Prevent Sitting Disease

Sitting is a disease… “30 minutes a day at the gym may not counteract the detrimental effects of 8, 9, or 10 hours of sitting. Yikes!” Living a sedentary lifestyle has been found to be very detrimental to one’s health and has been compared to the magnitude of smoking. According to the NFP (National Financial […]